Our American Roots

In “Our American Roots” Feldman applies his talent and skill to an all-American program of music for cello and piano-to include a pair of rarely heard cello sonatas by Barber and Walker. The remainder of the program consists of arrangements of musical Americana: arias from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess and his Preludes, and two movements from Copland’s Billy the Kid.

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Rider on the Plains

This is undoubtedly the first commercial recording of the Virgil Thomson Cello Concerto (whose first movement provides the title for this disc) since the classic old Columbia recording with Luigi Silva from the early 1950s, and it’s in SACD sound! This delightful work, wearing its Americana on its sleeve but couched in the framework of a classic work such as the Haydn, is full of the kind of joyful, melancholy and eccentric moods and hymn-tunes one hears in the classic Thomson film scores and orchestral works.

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Classical Contemporary Chamber Music For The 21st Century, Volume 1

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Nantucket Dreaming


Noises, Sounds & Strange Airs

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Territory of the Heart